Cricket Club Premium Gin (86 Proof)

Gin seems to be one of those spirits that does not get too much in the way of love. I cannot count how many individuals turn down the chance to have a gin drink just because they think that the spirit tasters like pine trees. I’m sure that some (very) low-quality gins may only have the juniper taste present, but many of the different higher-shelf releases have a much more complex and fulfilling flavor. One of these “good” gins would have to be Cricket Club Premium Gin, which starts right – the higher than normal alcohol content ensures that there will be at least some burn going down. However, the complexities present in this gin immediately ameliorate any of the harshness present in a spirit such as this.

This means that the initial nose of the Cricket Club is much more floral than any gin I’ve sampled, and this nose continues into the first sips that imbibers may familiarize themselves with. This means, whether individuals simply do shots of Cricket Club all night or if they would want to throw the spirit in with lime juice or something similar (a Gimlet, perhaps), they will have a delightful time. The price point (around $23) puts the spirit in the cheaper shelves, but drinkers should understand that what the spirit lacks in price, it more than makes up for in terms of quality and accessibility.

While it is described as a London-style gin on the front of the bottle, I feel that there is a much more contemporary set of flavors here. In fact, where there are straight styles of cuisines compared to fusion, I would have to say that Cricket Club goes beyond fusion and approaches the bleeding edge. If you like to have new experiences with storied lines, give the Cricket Club Gin a go; you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 8.4/10

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