Seagram’s Smooth Brazilian Rum (80 Proof)

There are so many rums present on the market now that it honestly feels as if most buyers will have no idea where to go for their rum needs. The amount of information differentiating the brands from each other is paltry, making it almost inevitable that buyers will pick out a sub-par rum sooner rather than later. However, Pernod Ricard has crafted a new rum and placed it under the Seagram’s umbrella, providing potential purchasers with a solid indicator of the spirit’s quality.

This white rum provides a cleaner taste than most other rums on the market, while having a more robust body than comparable white rums. This assertive but not excessive rum flavor, drawing heavily on vanilla and molasses notes, ensures that Seagram’s Smooth Brazilian Rum will work no matter what imbibers want to do with it. Shots of the Smooth Brazilian Rum immediately will impress considering the ease in which they will flow; the burn is warming rather than harsh. When individuals place the Seagram’s in with Coke or a Long Island Ice Tea, the intricacies of the spirit come through regardless of how distinctive the other component elements of the cocktail may be. No matter whether a glass of the Seagram’s Smooth Brazilian Rum is being diluted by ice cubes, the soul of the spirit shines through.

If individuals are shying away from purchasing a bottle of the spirit due to it “just being another rum”, I would have to point them to the other new releases in the rum portion of the Seagram’s brand: Seagram’s Citrus and Seagram’s Raspberry Flavored Rum. While we here at NeuFutur have not received these spirits at this time, I will be picking up a bottle of each if they are the same solid quality as the Smooth Brazilian Rum. At the very least, give a bottle a shot; $12 is not any significant amount of money for what truly is a fun little rum.

Rating: 8.5/10

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