The Castaways (Novel)

Many intrepid readers are already familiar with Hilderbrand’s work, as eir 2007 novel Barefoot was a mainstay on the New York Times bestseller list for a solid half-year. The Castaways surrounds the interactions between four families: Kapenashes, Wheelers, Drakes and MacAvoys – that end up vacationing together practically every year. Where the groups have a very clean air around them, certain issues present ensure that no family is truly innocent. For example, Greg and Tess (MacAvoy) are attempting to keep their marriage together after it comes out that Greg was cheating on Tess with a high school student.

In order to clear their heads and to try to salvage what they once had, Greg and Tess look to drop everything on land and take a romantic vacation out at sea. Rather than coming back with renewed vows, they come back dead; what exactly happened to these two, and how do each of the other aforementioned families weigh in to the mix? Hilderbrand here really comes forth with a strong writing style that roots itself in classic suspense works, while creating a working interpretation of real life. Fans of Barefoot will like what ey does here, and anyone new to Hilderbrand’s work would do well to pick up The Castaways.

What I feel to be the strongest part about The Castaways would have to be the fleshing out of the motivations and roles of each of the novel’s main characters. Where the issue about marital infidelity seems a little outside of the norm for most, it is not outside the realm of reality. How each of the characters deal with this issue are understandable; I know that I would be sublimely hurt if my significant other cheated on me. Without anything in the way of weakness to be had here, The Castaways will likely be on the top of the New York Times charts for at least as long as Barefoot was. Check it out.

Rating: 8.6/10

The Castaways (Novel) / Elin Hilderbrand / $24.99 / 368 Pages / Hatchette Book Group /

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One thought on “The Castaways (Novel)”

  1. We listened to this book on a road trip and at first is was interesting and had our attention….by CD #5 (there are 11) we were ready to pull our hair out…..way too many stupid side bars…way too many people mentioned that mean nothing to the story…way too many descritipions about things we COULD CARE LESS ABOUT!!!!! Omigod….how did this book ever get published. My husband and I kept skipping along until finally on the last CD the mystery was revealed and it was so anticlimatic it was laughable!!!! Ugh….I want my $40 back! I hate how this author writes..I will NEVER buy another book by her and never get stuck in a car for 8 hours listening to her dribble. Makes me realize that I could actually write a book….and trust me, the ending would be gripping! Do not waste your time or money.

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