Utkins U.K. 5 Organic Vodka (80 Proof)

The versatility present in the Utkins U.K. 5 Organic Vodka is simply stunning. Where it will do fine when individuals sip at it on the rocks, I feel the spirit shines brightest in a shot or mixed drink type of setting. While the vodka has a pretty astringent type of nose to it, imbibers should look beyond this and dive headfirst into what is a pretty damn good vodka. At some point, the fact that is a favorite of The Prince of Wales should showcase its quality. Finally, at the most superficial level, those individuals that are fans of the whole organic lifestyle will be pleased that this is taken from 100% Organic sources.

The shots go down without any complaint, where in a mixed drink like a Cranberry and vodka or Screwdriver the spirit adds warmth but does not dominate the inherent fruit flavor of the drink. Throwing the vodka in a highball glass with ice would be good, but I feel as if the specific nuances present in the Utkins U.K. 5 can only be properly enjoyed when it is matched with some other spirit, juice, or mixer.

At the price point, the Utkins U.K. 5 represents a tremendous value ($22 for a 750ml bottle). Where a number of different organic items are priced at a premium over other comparable products, the Utkins is actually priced lower than most comparable vodkas. I have little doubt in my mind that Utkins has crafted other spirits with the same quality that they did with their U.K. 5 Organic Vodka. Currently out in stores are their Papagayo Organic Rum line, which has efforts in the Spiced and White Rum varieties. Rounding out Organic Spirits’ line are the Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin and the Highland Harvest Organic Scotch Whiskey.

Rating: 8.6/10

Utkins U.K. 5 Organic Vodka (80 Proof) / Vodka / http://www.uk5.org

Utkins U.K. 5 Organic Vodka (80 Proof) / Vodka / http://www.uk5.org

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