Gosling’s Black Seal (80 Proof)

With each different bottle of the stuff we get, I feel that we here at NeuFutur find a new variety of rum. This time, Gosling (Castle Brands) has provided us with a black rum, which I personally thought was significantly different than dark rum. Turns out, it’s just another term for that version of the spirit.

However, by this being a dark rum, we have a better idea about how it ranks. The first crack that imbibers will have with this spirit will provide a heavy molasses and spice note, something that hides ny alcoholic flavor present in the spirit.
Where a number of lesser rums lightly modify the alcohol burn, Gosling’s Black Seal is great because it works with this flavor to craft something that is decidedly as complex as Atlantic Rum. However, Gosling’s Black Seal should be seen as one of the most versatile rums that one will ever try; no matter what type of concoction or form that an individual attempts to shoehorn Gosling’s Black Seal into, the resulting experience will be special. Where I found myself continually going back to with regard to the Black Seal would have to be a simple drink; the Gosling’s on the rocks.

It is precisely the fact that the spirit is drank slowly and is not adulterated with any different liquids or garnishes that I feel that the full body of the spirit can be truly enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong – the thicker body of the Black Seal does perfectly in shot format, while a rum and coke done up with Gosling’s Black Seal is perhaps the best version of the drink I’ve had. If you really want to take that additional plunge into the Gosling brand, check out their Dark ‘N Stormy, which requires cracked ice, one measure of the Black Seal Rum, and two measures of Ginger Beer.

Rating: 8.5/10

Gosling’s Black Seal (80 Proof) / Black Rum / http://www.blackseal.com / http://www.castlebrandsinc.com

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