Appleton Estate Extra 12 (86 Proof)

It has been a few days since the last time we’ve updated the alcohol review section, and felt that the Appleton Estate Extra (a deep-colored Jamaican rum) would be the perfect way to get back into the swing of things. The different rums that are used to create the Extra are the very least 12 years old, with some types actually making it up to the 30 year mark. When individuals first crack into the Appleton Extra, what comes forth nose-wise is something a bit fruity, a hint smoky, and even nutty at the periphery. Fans of taking their rums on the rocks or as a shot will be pleased to know that there is a decidedly sweet flavor that hushes the alcohol bite typically present in rums.

This sweetness is not overbearing, and it is moderated as well through the inclusion of a more biting, pepper/wood taste that makes its presence known throughout. For those that are bigger fans of mixed drinks, the Appleton Estate Extra 12 gives complexity to even the most simple of concoctions. Take, for example, a rum and Coke. Where practically anyone of legal drinking age has had a go at the drink once in their lives, the extremely intricate approach to the Appleton Estate Extra 12 makes the experience into something that is life-shaking. The added fruit notes present in the Extra 12 make for a stellar Mojito, as well; mix together three measures of the rum, two measures of lime juice, a teaspoon of sugar, a few mint leaves, and fill the rest with club soda for it.

The $30-plus mark of the Appleton Estate Extra is a small price to pay considering the strong flavor profile and memorable moments that one will undoubtedly have when consuming a bottle. Or, if different types of rums are those to excite you, check out the different efforts from Appleton Estate.

Rating: 8.5/10

Appleton Estate Extra 12 (86 Proof) / Rum /

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