Imagine: Soccer Captain (Nintendo DS)

In the last ten or fifteen years, it seems as if soccer has become a much larger phenomenon than it ever has in the United States. It stands to reason that there would have to be games released that showcase the United States’ new-found love for the sport, and while there are a number of different soccer sims on the market, Imagine: Soccer Captain is one of the few that showcases a different side to the game.

Headed up by soccer star Mia Hamm, the title is able to provide some semblance of the gargantuan tasks that are present to the titled profession.
At the base level, there is a soccer mini-game that takes players through the course of five seasons, with different story events peppering each level. For those that are more on the creative side, the ability to customize every single piece of the team will ensure that the game will not be taken out of the DS for months to come. This customization allows players to design logos, change uniform colors, and even create an accurate (or not so accurate) version of themselves. The use of the stylus in Imagine: Soccer Captain is particularly imaginative, ensuring that different forms of movement, kicks, and passing are all controlled in a much more intuitive way than the use of a d-pad and buttons would allow.

The different game play elements that are here are differentiated enough for each other that there is a tremendous amount of replay value; instead of being forced to unlock different features, Ubisoft has laid all of their cards out on the table and ensure a very easy (but always interesting) time. I know that the titles are marketed heavy to the female segment of things, but I think that Ubisoft has ensured that there will be a pleasant experience for anyone, no matter their gender, skill level, or age, that picks up Imagine: Soccer Captain.

Rating: 8.3/10

Imagine: Soccer Captain (Nintendo DS) / 2009 Ubisoft /

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