Mathilde Liqueur – Blackcurrant (Liqueur)

We have had a few shots at the different offerings by Mathilde in the last few months, and we wanted to save one of the best for last. This is their Blackcurrant Liqueur, a spirit that may seem to be a little viscous compared to other similar liqueurs, but is in reality a dark horse, with a specific quality that individuals would not necessarily expect out of a similar colored effort. When most individuals would only be familiar with a Mad Dog or similar “ghetto” wine, what comes forth here is a complex, sweet, and special spirit that will be the talk of any dinner party or other event that it may be present at. The sharpness and sweetness present in the fruit that is grape is present from the first opening of the bottle, while the first sip ties together heavier spirits with wine and even juice tinges.

While this liqueur would succeed well on its own, there are a few drinks that Cognac Ferrand suggest to be crafted. While their Kir – one measure Blackcurrant and 5 measures Champagne – is a somewhat simple type of drink, it gives the impression of a grape soda or something equally fun. For those that want a drink that puts a little more hair on one’s chest, their “Purple Rain” which links together 1 measure of Blackcurrant, 2 measures of Rum and 2 of pineapple juice, is something that is complex while still balancing well darker and lighter alcohol and overall taste.

A few other suggestions would have to come out, if individual are not just doing shots of the liqueur or sipping it on the rocks. Try out our iteration of “Purple Punch”, which puts together two measures of the Blackcurrant with one of your favorite Vodkas and four measures of Red Kool-Aid into something that is heady but still maintains the air and dignity of the Mathilde Blackcurrant liqueur.

Rating: 8.2/10

Mathilde Liqueur – Blackcurrant (Liqueur) / 32 Proof / /

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