Van Gogh Double Espresso (70 Proof)

We have been looking for a special time to break out the Van Gogh and give it a proper review, and we thought that the New Years Eve holiday would be the best time for it. The vodka, which is now turning 10, has steadily crafted some of the more memorable fruit-flavored vodkas on the market (including Pineapple, Raspberry, and Melon).

However, their forays into non-fruit flavors have been strong in their own right, and the Double Espresso is no exception. The caramel coloration of the vodka looks alluring enough from the onset, but as soon as potential imbibers take a whiff, they will be hooked.

The alcoholic twang of a typical vodka is completely mollified by the coffee tones of the Espresso flavoring, something that really is constant throughout all experiences with the vodka itself. The lower alcohol content (70 instead of 80 proof) makes for sipping and shooting of thee vodka an all too easy exercise, with the memorable espresso taste being more Starbucks than local pub. Some suggestions for this stellar spirit would have to be a few mixed drinks that we here at NeuFutur whipped up in our short time with the bottle.

Of note would have to be the Double Espresso and Coke and a White Russian-like drink that ties together the Van Gogh with Bailey’s Irish Cream. While we have not had the chance to familiarize ourselves too heavily with the Van Gogh line up to this point, I sincerely hope that we can provide more coverage to this company. If you find yourself a fan of alcoholic coffee-flavored efforts, the Van Gogh stand on a pedestal far above that of most similar efforts.

Rating: 8.1/10

Van Gogh Double Espresso (70 Proof) / Vodka /

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