Snake Pit 2008

We here at NeuFutur have never had the chance to go and familiarize ourselves with Ben Snakepit’s work, but those at Microcosm were nice enough to provide us with a copy of eir 2008 annual. What comes forth immediately is how well Snakepit is able to go forth and capture all the events that happen in one day in the space of three panels.

More than that, though, is the sense that despite a number of events continually coming up in eri life (work, drinking, smoking, music), Snakepit is able to keep things interesting. The style in which Snake Pit creates each of these panels may be somewhat simple, but there is a confidence with each drawn line that makes pages upon pages of eir life go by as if it was nothing. While not a major part of the annual, the soundtrack to each day has provided me with a number of different bands and songs to check out in this new year.

So, check out Ben’s interactions with band mates, eir S.O. and pet, and individuals at eir job. Make Ben happy, buy a copy of this annual, and use Snake Pit 2008 in its proper purpose –“Snakepit is, was, and ever shall be intended to be read on the toilet.”

Rating: 9.3/10

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