Tule Duck Red Ale (6.2 ABV)

This Red Ale has a very light taste to it, with hints of a more fruit/lemon taste present from the onset. Of course, there is a malty flavor present, but this lightness is an interesting addition to the red ale style. The ease in drinking this beer should not be understated – sips draw to pulls and soon after, the can (or cans) are done. The aftertaste is incredibly mild, and represents good memories of what individuals have just tasted.

The slightly higher ABV of this Red Ale over a Killian’s or Goose Island Kilgubbin may seem to some to be a reason to worry, but it adds another dimension to the beer that is much appreciated. There is a sweetness present at the end of each sip that represents an entirety of experience that few beers can honestly provide. What was originally a little bitter at the beginning provides imbbiers with that little catchy note to get them to power through the beer, and turns the Tule Duck Red Ale into something that I will definitely order whenever available. If you find yourself a fan of the style, make it a point to pick it up.

Rating: 7.5/10

Tule Duck Red Ale (6.2 ABV) / 2009 Buckbean Brewing Company / http://www.buckbeanbeer.com

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