360 Vodka (80 Proof)

360 Vodka is a green version of an alcoholic spirit, whether it be through the reclaiming of glass for the bottle or the use of recycled paper for the label. Where that could be about it with the creators raking in all sorts of money from the green scene, 360 Vodka comes forth as one of the better vodkas that we have had the chance to taste since we have started this section. There is an incredibly mild nose to this vodka that represents a common thread throughout one’s experience with 360 Vodka. Where most vodkas have a very astringent and strong taste however one gussies them up, 360 Vodka reaches for the highest shelf – think Grey Goose and Belvedere – and shines no matter how individuals decide to drink the spirit.

Personally, I would have those interested in 360 Vodka take a shot first, as the pure, unadulterated forum of the vodka shows all the nuances, twists and turns that makes 360 into something that far outshines the competition. The warm, not the taste, is what imbibers will first notice, as the 360 provides the perfect cure for the winter’s chill while not seeming as if an individual has taken down a measure of rubbing alcohol. While the alcohol content will be enough to stop individuals from downing an entire bottle, 360’s smoothness is unsurpassed.
Of course, if individuals want to throw 360 in with an additional few ingredients, the result will be similarly stunning. This means that equal measures of orange juice and 360 will be smashing, while a Martini done up with 360 will be one of the silkiest and most memorable drinks that one will experience. Check out 360 Vodka today, and feel better for yourself two distinct ways – you will have helped the environment as well as picking up one of the better vodkas on the market currently.

Rating: 8.5/10

360 Vodka (80 Proof) / http://www.vodka360.com

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