Russian Standard (Vodka)

The wife has Russian heritage, and has wanted a change to review a bottle of Russian Standard since we first saw the bottle in Newport, Kentucky. The company itself has really bent over backwards to ensure that we receive a bottle of their vodka, even going so far as having an individual from their Ohio distributor bring over two bottles. The spirit is celebrating its 12th birthday this year, and all sides of it (be it presentation, taste, or overall experience) should ensure that imbibers find this as their next vodka buy.

When individuals first open their bottle of Russian Standard, the archetypal alcohol nose presents itself, but in a more mild way than many of the common vodkas on the market. A sip will further yield a derivation from the norm, with Russian Standard representing a more nuanced and intricate experience than other similar types of the spirit would provide. The vodka shines the brightest when it is done in its more base form, whether It be in shots or on the rocks (or placed into vodka-heavy formulations like a Martini). In fact, doing shots with Russian Standard is one of the best ways to enjoy the vodka “type”, as it links together the warm alcohol burn with a mild taste and a clear-headed buzz. The slightly weaker formulation when one puts it on the rocks (owing to the dilution through the ice melting) allows for a slow buzz being granted over time.

Of course, Russian Standard is able to be mixed in with other juices or alcohols, without losing any of the taste of quality that the vodka has shown before. Of course, I’m partial to a Screwdriver (half vodka, half Orange Juice), but individuals will dig a Black Russian (three parts vodka to two parts Coffee liqueur) or even a Pork Chop on Toast (1 ounce Russian Standard, 1 ounce Cherry Vodka, and 2 ounces tonic water).

Here’s to hoping that we here at NeuFutur get the opportunity to check out some of Russian Standard’s other offerings whether it be their Gold, Platinum, or Imperia vodkas. The vodka will not break one’s bank either, as one will be able to walk out with a 750ml bottle for well under $25. If you like vodka, check out Russian Standard today.

Rating: 8.4/10

Russian Standard (Vodka) / 80 Proof /

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