Chambord Liqueur

There has to be something about Chambord that is special, as my wife and I still joke around about the numerous bottles of the liqueur that have been stashed away in individuals’ collections. However, before receiving this bottle for review, we both have never had a chance to test out this offering. If you are like us, we had no idea about Chambord’s lineage, which can be traced back all the way to the late 1600s. The liqueur is a mélange of different fruits and flavors, meaning that citrus peel, vanilla, honey, raspberries, cognac, and blackberries are all whipped together into something unique.

What results in terms of the nose of the spirit is something that approaches that of a pomegranate or cranberry, with a heavy enough body to stick with imbibers for a decently long time after familiarizing oneself with the liqueur. The lower alcohol content of this liqueur over full-proof spirits will ensure that individuals flock to shots of Chambord, but the versatility of the liqueur is what will undoubtedly ensure that the bottle is drained at a record pace. By putting in 1/4th of an ounce of Chambord inside a glass of Moet, the inherent sweetness of the champagne is given an entirely new light.

Place one measure of Chambord alongside two or three measures orange or apple juice for a drink that is worthy of a SoBe or Naked Juice moniker. The liqueur works equally well, no matter whether the individual places it into an aperitif, dinner, or dessert role; despite the spirit’s age, the sheer amount of opportunities are endless. While a great deal of younger (legal) people may have not had the opportunity to try out Chambord yet, the lower price of the spirit and high quality of the constituent elements should make this a must-buy.

Rating: 8.5/10

Chambord Liqueur / 33 Proof / Brown-Forman / /

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