Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)

I still remember when Final Fantasy X came out and being absolutely stunned at the graphical quality of the characters, the environments, and wondering exactly how Square Enix would continue to build up off of that. With each subsequent title in the Final Fantasy series on the current generation of consoles, they have further ratcheted up this video quality to create a more immersive experience. The game itself surrounds two different worlds – Cocoon and Pulse – and the interaction that god-like machines (fal’Cie) have with inhabitants of the worlds. Players will have to craft a group of characters, lead by Lightning, that look to remove their curse (becoming an I’Cie), as well as building themselves up both as individuals and in their particular role in the party.

The game play component of the title works on a number of levels. While it is true that players can jump behind their controller and make it through a substantial portion of the title, the micro-managing set will have tremendous fun in terms of giving their characters different roles (Ravager, Synergist, Saboteur), switching said roles in the battle (a Paradigm Shift), and placing their Crystogen Points in order to enable powerful abilities and skills. The type of strategy used in each battle further changes when one pops their Eidolon, which combine tried and true monsters (Shiva, Odin) with a number of new ones (Hecatoncheir).

Throw in a mode that adds a little bit of driving experience to the title, and players of all skill levels and fans of all genres will have something in which they can sink their teeth. For those that need a substantial amount of game play to make the game’s worth shown, they should expect working through the title for about two to three days straight (or about 50 to 65 hours generally). Pick up Final Fantasy XIII if you are a fan of the series, like RPGs generally, or are new to the genre (or title) and just want to see exactly what everyone has been going on about for the last 23 years.

Rating: 9.0/10

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