Harlem (80 Proof)

Harlem is the first kruiden that we have ever received. Apparently (this is from a Google translation of a Dutch Wikipedia entry), a kruiden is nothing more than an herb-infused liqueur. Harlem has heavy notes of anise, wormwood, cinnamon, and even vanilla present. Repeated tastings will bring forth other lesser, but still integral, hints of spices such as clove and basil.

The bottle itself, along with the documentation that we have received, seems to draw some sort of parallels between Jagermeister and it. However, I feel that there is a considerable set of differences that separate the two spirits and ensure that imbibers should give Harlem a good, long look. While both spirits do better the longer one can wait before taking them outside of the fridge, having Harlem warm gives a tremendously different flavor profile than it cold. The shooting quality of Harlem is by far the reason that bottles will begin to fly off the shelves. There is a velvet smoothness that is provided the liqueur that considerably mollifies any burn that may be present.

While Harlem works perfectly if individuals just want to take shots, I would have to suggest trying it in a mixed drinks formation as well. Put the liqueur together with Monster or Red Bull for a Harlem Bomb, for example, or change things up and put two measures of iced tea alongside a measure of Harlem. Regardless of how individuals chose to experience this, Harlem is a bold new effort that should be sought out by anyone that wants to expand their palette.

Rating: 8.3/10

Harlem (80 Proof) / Liqueur / http://www.harlemshots.com

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