Smirnoff Spiced Root Beer (100 Proof)

Smirnoff is one of a few companies that actually have looked to continually innovate and change what individuals should expect from their vodkas. To that end, they have went and released two new offerings – Spiced Root Beer and Dark Roasted Espresso (review to come) – late last month. We have gotten a chance to sit down with the spirit and really see what the company has came up with. On the first approach, there is an incredibly mild nose that links together the two constituent elements, with the warm alcohol-fueled burn of the vodka tying together with the sugary root beer flavoring.

What is surprising about the Spiced Root Beer is how well the body of the vodka is hidden by the root beer, which converts this Smirnoff effort into something that can very easily be done as shops or sipped. The Root Beer side of things makes for a set of interesting mixed drinks, as the typical flavorings of vodkas are much more often fruit-based than anything. However, there are a few amazing mixed drinks that can be whipped up when individuals put their mind to it.

For example, get a glass of Coke, some Vanilla ice cream, and throw in a shot of the Spiced Root Beer to make a much more adult ice cream float. If drinkers are fan of the “bomb” culture, put a shot of this along one;s favorite energy drink (Red Bull for me) to make something that brings out the more vanilla side of the energy drink while properly hiding the increased alcohol content. Regardless of how individuals want to do it, try out the Spiced Root Beer and see exactly what you have been missing. Furthermore, keep listening in to Smirnoff’s headquarters to see what is planned for the next year.

Rating: 8.3/10

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It’s still great to be able to learn how to help an alcoholic even when all your friends and loved ones drink in moderation, because you’ll then be in a position to help others who drink in excess.

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