Awesome Note: A Review (iPhone App)

Appropriately named Awesome Note is probably my favorite iPhone App for taking notes with. It’s has a wonderful, and tastefully customizable, GUI that allows for you to take advantage of this Apps many features without thinking too hard about. Simple like simple note claims, but strikingly handsome like something that might have come from Apple themselves. It also features something closer to a filing system than most note taking Apps, and it also has some very nice bonus features as well. All of these elements combine into a very useful and powerful note taking tool for any student or professional on the go.

As most of you will probably have figured out by now I often give away good marks for making your App pretty, and oh boy is this App nice looking. This App looks good for both girls and boys, as well as for full blown men, and women. There are plenty of themes for the actual note pad areas, as well as the ability to chose a font and size that suits your own personal tastes and likes. Currently “Brid”, who makes the App, is working on an iPad version, though it’s not out just yet. Even so, with the new update to make their App look even more Awesome on the iPhone 4; the App should scale up enough in a pinch. I’m not going to sit here and rattle off all of the themes for you, but instead suggest you pick up a free version for yourself and see what it looks like. The main GUI is tasteful, and even it has a few options, but they are all basically just four different looking styles of wood flooring. You can out your notes and to-do’s into one of many preset folders, or erase those and make your own, and as a handy feature, you can choose you’re own color tab and icon for the folder as well as order them however you like. Probably the best piece of eye candy though is the themes for the notes themselves as they are all very nicely done. You can also choose a default theme for new notes, or you can pick them individually for each note that you write. Several of them are good for night-time or low light writing.

The filing system itself is nice, and well thought out. Each folder is represented as something like a Manila folder with various different icons and colors to help you sort out what sort of note might lay within the folder itself. Also, they as I previously mentioned, can be moved around in order to help you prioritize. I haven’t run into a folder limit yet, but once you reach a certain number of folders it will just start filling up another page of folders, just like the spring board of your phone does with icons. Just swipe back and forth in that all to familiar motion and your folders will be right there for you. If you are unsure of where you put that note about your wife’s dimensions you can simply press the “all notes” button and it will give you a listing of all the notes as a list sorted by folders then, I think, alphabetically so you can find the corresponding note that you are looking for. Or if you just had some numbers you might have out it in the quick memo tab, a place that has four different sticky notes for small pieces of info, like that girls phone number from last night.
Some other cool features include things like syncing up with your evernote or google docs account. You can also back it up your PC or Mac via wifi, and you can also do things like add pictures to your notes, either stored or freshly taken from within the App, and other cool things like emailing your boss whole proposals about getting everyone in the IT department iPads. (Seriously, think about it boss.) Also there is a nice option in the works to trade documents over wifi or Bluetooth. That will be a very handy feature, though in the academic realm, it may be one that will possibly be misused. Also another good thing about this App is that with iOS 4 now allowing people who haven’t jail broken their phone to use a Bluetooth keyboard, you will be able to type at length and not hurts your eyes or hands. I may have missed some of the other more minor features, but I think you’ll see that those reasons are enough to truly call this App “awesome” and spend a little on a really good App. There is one feature that really does knock it out of the park for me though, integrated to-do lists with alarms and push notifications as well as a badge that will be displayed even when the App isn’t turned on. That alone helps sell this App because it’s a two-fer.

At a modest price of $3.99 here in the US, Awesome Note is in my humble opinion a great deal. They are also nice enough to let you try it before you buy it and they have a lite version that is free for all. So, I say give this one a look over, and kick the tires, you’ll not regret it. I rate this App a 9 out of 10, and in truth I’d even make it a perfect ten, but I’ve had a few bugs here and there and also the fact that when you email or sync your notes elsewhere, your formatting is going to be WAY off. No spacing, no indents, nothing, but that’s ok. It’s an easy fix. Also, just a thought guys move the “hide keys button” into the middle so you can see your options on the right side, and maybe add a tab key if you can find room.

App rated on a ten point scale.

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  1. This is a useful app. Yesterday, I want to record some telephone numbers of many landlords and references of the apartments, but it’s boring that did it with my iphone 4 without app like “Awesome Note”, while what I need is a pen and pad. I’ve got so many free stuffs and paid apps in ifunia iphone column for my iphone 4, upset, excepting this.

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