Hennessy Black (Cognac)

Cognac recently has caught the eye of a new generation, the sophistication of the image of a cognac drinker ; the taste of the drink itself are the largest contributing factors. Hennessy Black brings something new to the table, a smooth dark Cognac with hint of oak and cinnamon puts a sexy dark twist on a classic drink.

Mixed with equally with a Coke and you’ve got yourself a treat. This cognac provides great warmth for a mixed drink, and a very smooth sipping alone. I personally recommend this cognac because it has a little more kick than the classic Hennessy, some may not prefer this drier blend but I think it adds a little extra to the experience.

Hennessy Black represents a solid addition to the larger Hennessy line; while it seems like it will be a transient, fleeting spirit that will go away the second 2011 hits, I feel that it could represent a new renaissance for the line. With an approachable and unique flair to it, I feel that Hennessy Black will be a perfect introduction for fresh recruits to the cognac mystique. For those that are already familiar, it is a fresh blast of air into the sometimes-stodgy cognac experience.

I have fond also that Hennessy black is the perfect companion for a hand rolled cigar, Candella (or green) tobacco is a great match for the cognac due to the mildness of the tobacco and hint of vanilla it provides. All in all I would probably give this cognac about 7.5, I believe that for the price you are getting what you pay for, a very unique yet approachable cognac.

Rating 7.5/10

Hennessy Black (Cognac) / 86 Proof / 2010 Moet Hennessy USA / http://www.hennessyblack.com

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