ArcaniA: Gothic IV (Xbox 360)

Gothic has been one of my favorite RPG series of all time. While Arcania 4 was developed by a different company (Trinigy) rather than Piranha Bytes, it seems as if the titles contains much in the way of cohesion. The biggest change to the title, in my opinion, has been a freeing from the mooring that Gothic 3 had. My biggest complaint about Gothic 3 was how players were introduced to the character. There just did not seem to be much in the way of customization available at the earliest stages of the game; ArcaniA has changed that.

More than just the game play, the amount of graphical updates that this title has received is simply astonishing. In the move over from 3 to 4, a new graphics engine was implemented. This engine ensures that there is a realistic (and non-laggy) shift in scenery, rather tan requiring numerous loading screens or other short-cuts that many other RPGs use. The different attacks that can be used by players, including the combo system, ensures that many enemies can be dispatched in a quick fashion. Gothic IV also provides a sense of realism in that one cannot merely eat attacks – the shield becomes a valuable part of one’s combat getup by the later reaches of the game.

Going back quickly to the graphics – there seems to be a realism in terms of all characters (you and NPCs alike) that shies away from the anime style implemented by titles like Jade Dynasty. In doing this, there is further immersion in a world that, while similar to the medieval period of our own, is decidedly different. With countless hours of game play present and an always-fun experience, ArcaniA is a welcome addition to the Gothic mythos. Make sure to buy the title for the Xbox 360 or the PC, and keep an eye out for any expansions or sequels.

Rating: 7.5/10

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