Jim Beam Black (Bourbon Whiskey)

Jim Beam Black is the latest release by Beam Global, and it showcases an extreme amount of casking (8 years) that actually doubles the amount of time that the white version of Jim Beam enjoys in wood. This results in one of the best bourbons that I’ve had the chance to sample, right down to the fragrant nose that immediately hits when one opens the bottle. While pushing the limits of alcohol content (86 instead of 80 proof), the Jim Beam Black has a smoothness present that will ensure that it works perfectly no matter how individuals attempt to implement it. This means that a whiskey sour made using the Jim Beam Black will twinkle and shine just as brightly as a whiskey on the rocks would.

Each sip provides imbibers with a unique collection of distinct elements. Where the initial pull may bring hints of oak and a bit of sourness, the next sip will bring up sweetness and honey. Taken together, the Jim Beam Black is a bourbon that should be present in any well-stocked liquor shelf. Furthermore, it tells a story that continues from the original white label all the way out to this one. With a more complex and compelling taste, Jim Beam Black represents a perfect access point to more heady and nuanced releases.

At a cost of $20, there is no reason that fans of Jim Beam shouldn’t pick up this new effort. I would venture that it just may be a great stocking stuffer for those of age.

Rating: 8.6/10

Jim Beam Black (Bourbon Whiskey) / 86 Proof / 2010 James B. Beam Distilling / http://www.jimbeam.com

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