Get Fit With Mel B (Playstation 3)

It has been a few years since the last Spice Girls reunion, so it only makes sense that each of the constituent members have to find a way to make their bread and butter. What makes the most sense out of these ventures has to be what Mel B is doing. Riding on the crazy of Dance Dance Revolution types of games, ey has put eir name on “Get Fit”, something that promises rto really allow people to burn calories in a smart fashion. To ensure that individuals do not only use their feet for the game, Get Fit requires a Playstation Move controller. This controller makes hand movements essential for each stage, and gives players that much more in the way of a workout.

The workouts are the focal point of the game, and Deep Silver has ensured that they are what shine brightest. There is considerable differentiation in terms of intensity and skills used when players take on kickboxing, cardio, or step, while there are a number of post-workout activities bundled with the title that ensure fat burning continues to take place. A set of different meal plans allow players to eat smartly in their down times, while the different recipes makes it easier to really go and stick to a prescribed diet.

For those that are concerned about the amount of money that they put out with their fitness ventures, Get Fit With Mel B has been given a very affordable sub-$40 price tag. The cross-console availability of the title (Deep Silver has ported it on over to the Xbox 360 and the Wii) also works to their money-saving instinct; the Playstation 3 version may be what we covered, but I have little doubt in my mind that the title differs in any significant way on these other consoles. I know that there is serious fat-burning potential with these types of dancing games, but that Get Fit With Mel B really give that much more of an edge for those individuals that wish to burn the most fat possible.

Rating: 9.0/10

Get Fit With Mel B (Playstation 3) / 2010 Deep Silver /

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