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What exactly brought you two to the creation of Celadon Candy? What significance does the name hold?

Jason and I were in a band called Wedlock for a brief time back in 2008. Prior to us parting ways during the recording of Continuity in 2009 , Jason remixed a couple of Wedlock singles-”Still Unsatisfied” and “Reverend Charisma,”- really brilliant stuff. Cut to me being “unsatisfied” with Wedlock’s direction in 2010 and there you have it. Certainly Continuity was not a wasted effort, but Jason and I got on really well and Celadon Candy was born. I’d only tell you the band name origin off the record.

What things (musicians, art, theatre) are important in influencing you creatively?

An entire gamut of electronic pop material musically. I love philosophy books and consider myself a student of sociology, theology, and human behavior. I internalize all that and put it into the music.

How did the EP allow you to introduce yourself to audiences, and did it represent any sort of constraint owing to its shorter runtime (compared to an LP)?

Well, Jay and I are doing interviews like these and deeply grateful that the response has been quietly positive. We had a reviewer out of Spain and a word or two out of the UK also. We did the EP because the material came to us rather organically and we felt it was enough to come out with something.

You’d be surprised how people like something short and “sweet” just as an introduction. And we have more material for the upcoming full length.

Are there any stories to tell behind the EP tracks – “Sweet”, “Broken”, or “Undercutter” – that may provide further context for listeners and NeuFutur readers alike?

I know Jay enjoyed producing “Undercutter” a lot. It came out rather nicely. “Broken” was my version of “Driven To Tears” by The Police , and “Sweet” was my ode to the keytar. The whole EP was just a microcosm of a renewed relationship.

While there are a few stylistic similarities between Wedlock and Celadon Candy, there are some significant differences as well. Of these differences, which would you say is the most significant – and why?

I would say Celadon Candy is more pop-driven. I think Jay appreciates my brand of UK-influenced pop and buys into a vision. We don’t agree on every single thing we do, but I just feel he has my back on most things. We don’t waste time on pissing matches. We want to make good music and have people like what we do. With Wedlock especially between 2007 and 2009 I felt like I had to labor for things that really should come naturally to any band aspiring to go anywhere. Either I was told electronic music wasn’t “popular” enough, or instrumentation was forced onto the recordings that I wasn’t altogether happy with. So with Wedlock you’ve got a glimpse of what electronic pop could be, but with Celadon even down to our live configuration-it’s full on. That’s not even to say I wouldn’t make another Wedlock record,but there’s your difference .

Are there any live performances in Celadon Candy’s future? What venues or locales represent Meccas in which you’d like to attend but haven’t at this point?

Yeah, we’ve got a date In New York for a television show. For me it’s getting out there internationally, and locally, I’d still like to play Cat’s Cradle.

What does the rest of 2011 hold for the band, and how can readers connect with you and your music?

More recordings, a promotional video or two, playing out, and hopefully our full length debut. We are on ourmessageboard.net, our site is celadoncandy.com, and you can just do a simple search and we’re all over the place, wild easy to get at.

Any other thoughts for NeuFutur readers?

Just one of thankfulness and sincere gratitude to anybody who would support us. I am enjoying this entire process, and open to whatever happens next.

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