Hop The Movie (Nintendo DS)

Few titles that are brought out on the wave of a children’s movie or television show – are very good. There are a few exceptions – the Beavis & Butthead title from a number of years back – but a great many of them are sub-par, created just to cash in. The title itself goes through a number of different sub-games, many of which will provide a nice challenge for players of all ages.

Whether it is through solving puzzles, sidescrolling levels, or Whack-a-Bunny, the amount of replay that Hop: The Movie has cannot be compared. The coloring of these titles approximates the bright palette used in the movie, while going a few steps further to create realistic but otherworldly lands with which to involve yourself. The control scheme for each of the mini-games varies, but there seems to be a desire to make each of them easy to understand but hard to master. Where there is a tendency to recolor a great deal of these mini-games and pass them off as something substantively different, 505 Games has provided players with a tremendous amount of different games.

Make a trip down to a local retailer or well-stocked video game shop and pick up a copy of Hop: The Movie for the DS. It may be marketed for the slightly younger set, but there is enough here that even veteran gamers will be able to keep interested throughout the course of a few months. The title may be based on a movie that will likely shatter sales records, but the title itself is surprisingly good and will make its rounds through the NeuFutur offices throughout the Easter holiday season and beyond.

Rating: 7.5/10

Hop The Movie (Nintendo DS) / 2011 505 Games / http://www.505games.co.uk

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