Cars 2 (Playstation 3)

We’ve said it already – Cars 2 is destined to be one of the biggest childrens’ movies ever. It makes sense that there are a few products being released now that try to cash in on the film’s goodwill. The Cars 2 video game – available for all current formats – is one of these things. However, the gameplay present in this game is solid enough that the game would sell even if it was not badged with the Cars 2 logo or characters. There are nods to a tremendous amount of car games in Cars 2; there are sides to the game play here that approximate Twisted Metal, Mario Cart, and even Gran Turismo.

While the car design is true to the movies, I feel that the backgrounds rendered here deserve acclaim. The different locations in which one can play stick in line with the Cars 2 storyline, and provide the same sort of bright and pseudo-realistic feel that the movies have provided. Whether going against the computer or other players, Cars 2 has a tremendous amount of replay value that will ensure it a place in (or barring that, near) one’s Playstation 3.

Cars 2 is a film that is directed towards the younger set. The smart writing of the original meant that there were just as many nods to the adults as there were to the kids, and I believe the Cars 2 video game continues in that fashion. The controls are intuitive enough that even the youngest players will be able to have fun, while the different sides of the title will keep older players interested. If there are a variety of ages to the game players in your household, I would have to point towards Cars 2 as a game that will appease all.

Rating: 8.4/10

Cars 2 (Playstation 3) / 2011 Disney /

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