Jarrow Formulas Amino Recovery (240 Capsules)

Few people actually know, but the workout process is tremendously stressful on one’s body. It is not typically stressful to anyone that properly supplements, but increasing muscle size boils down to tearing individual muscle fibers up each time one runs, pumps iron, or does anything vaguely strenuous. To ensure that the recovery process goes faster, Amino Recovery provides a host of different amino acids which then facilitate the recovery process. In particular, the presence of their proprietary PeptoPro complex ensures that these amino acids can rapidly be taken by the blood stream and transferred into the creation of new muscle mass. While the typical use of Amino Recovery would be as a post-workout supplement, additional benefit can be gained from taking the supplement before one works out.

Amino Recovery, by Jarrow Formulas, is a must have supplement for anyone that wishes to break down plateaus and have the best possible health coming out of a daily (or weekly) workout regimen. The supplement’s price (around $30 on online stores) should not represent a hurdle that cannot be passed for anyone that is seriously considering their health. Through my use of the Amino Recovery pills, I was able to add a considerable amount of muscle mass, keep it on, and actually have the energy and desire to continue to work out multiple times a week. Make sure to keep a good diet and smart workout plan alongside the Amino Recovery, and you will be able to see the same type of results as I have.

Rating: 8.7/10

Jarrow Formulas Amino Recovery (240 Capsules) / BCAA / http://www.jarrow.com

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