Lamb of God: New American Gospel (Book)

In a period where the visual is key and a band gains followers based on the sound that they generate, creating a behind the scenes book for your project does not necessarily seem to be the most prudent course of action. However, Lamb of God has done just that with “The Making of New American Gospel”, a full tome of information, tabs, and even further education about the nuanced playing style of the band. The book is useful to those drummers that wish to ensure that they are playing the proper notes as Adler intended, but is valuable also for anyone that wants to create an album that is as impressive and stands the test of time as well as “New American Gospel” does.

This title could just further a band’s public image, but Adler does a great job here in showcasing a more human and emotional side of things. The creative process is hard, no matter how good the finished product may be. Lamb of God is a collection of humans, and despite the amazing things they commit to CD, there are minor (and major) hiccups among the way. Fans of the band and individuals that wish to create a successful band would do well to pick up a copy of this book; it does better than what a blurry Youtube video or quick DVD snippet at the end of a CD could ever do.

I’d like to see more bands do a comprehensive look at their titles, and for Lamb of God to come forth with books that do much the same thing for subsequent live and studio recordings. Check out the band’s website for an easy way to pick up the title.

Rating: 8.0/10

Lamb of God: New American Gospel (Book) / 2011 Adler Publishing / 107 Pages /

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