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The conventional wisdom is that one needs a solid caffeine base for any sort of energy pill. There are a few companies currently creating products that have realized that this does not need to be the case. Anabolic Innovations have placed a small amount of caffeine in Motivate, but have presented individuals with a blend of a number of other elements. The list of different ingredients here includes Schizandra extract, which decreases stress as well as provides an additional jolt to one’s system.
Glutamine is also present here, ensuring that Motivate’s energy boost is much more moderated than a straight caffeine pill.

Taurine keeps blood pressure low, while 1,3-dimethylamylamine provides the fat burning side of the equation. These five ingredients combine to create a supplement that gives a tremendous amount of energy without any sort of dangerous side effects, all while burning fat. Where a number of supplements require cycling off periods, Motivate can be taken for extended periods of time without any sort of drawbacks; it is a product that utterly trounces OTC (over the counter) products, whether they be at a local gas station or at a GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. While each bottle will last one or two months, I believe that the benefits that are present with Motivate should necessitate purchasing two or three bottles.

At a list price of $50, Motivate should be seen as a smart addition to anyone’s workout regimen; the energy here can be invested into a workout or into long-term study sessions, to provide the perfect way out of a plateau, or just for a way to wake up before work in the morning. Pick up a bottle of Motivate to see what I mean, or check out the extent of Anabolic Innovations’ extensive supplement line.

Rating: 8.2/10

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