Remy Martin VSOP (80 Proof)

We reviewed Remy Martin a few years back, but felt that we did not give the spirit as detailed of courage as we would have liked. This time around, we have familiarized ourselves with the grand scheme of cognacs and feel that the Remy Martin VSOP may just provide the best quality for value. The Remy Martin VSOP has one of the largest distributions of any cognacs present in American markets, being due to a tremendously compelling taste that will have imbibers coming back for more.

The wide bouquet that can immediately be noted is eclectic as all get out, and includes apples, raisins, nuts, and even the Limousin oak that the cognac was originally held in. After this initial familiarization, the first sip will bring a smooth mouthfeel that imbues many of the same flavors originally present in the uncorking. This smooth character continues with each swallow, even as the Remy VSOP begins to provide a considerable (and always warranted) warmth. While the Remy Martin VSOP would be more than serviceable alongside a cola, I feel that proper enjoyment of the spirit has to be bundled alongside each facet of the tasting process as described previously in the review.

It is not a spirit to be masked, but rather one that is vibrant, needs to properly breathe, and will shine brightest when one can sit down and sip it neat, or on the rocks. Go to your local liquor store and pick up a bottle of the Remy VSOP today – I can guarantee it will be a life-changing experience. Whether it will inspire you to go further into Remy’s closet or into other similar types of spirits, Remy Martin’s VSOP is simply fantastic.

Rating: 9.0/10

Remy Martin VSOP (80 Proof) / 2011 Remy Cointreau Corporate /

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