Schiek Ab Strap (1400) || Wrist Supports (1100-WS)

We have not had much opportunity at this point to cover anything for our Fitness section besides workout supplements. However, the amount of equipment that can be purchased by an individual concerned about their fitness is nearly infinite. We were able to receive a Schiek Ab Strap to kick off our section, and are still using it in our workouts. This Ab Strap has multiple functions, allowing individuals to do overhead crunches along with pulldowns on the cable machine. What makes the Schiek version better than others on the market has to be the sturdiness of the construction. The webbing is thick and durable enough that potential purchasers should not have to replace it for years, while the neoprene around the wrist cuffs ensure that there are no marks or discomfort to be had.

While we have been happy in the past with the equipment and machines that our home gym has, Schiek has shown with their Ab Strap that fitness buffs that are concerned about receiving the best workout need to add a few extra exercises and pieces of gear to their regiment. For those that wish to be safe, the Schiek Wrist Supports represent another must-have purchase. After adopting the wrist supports, I have used them every workout since then. They are a godsend when it comes to doing lateral pulldowns or bench presses. This is due to the fact that they ensure a proper range of motion while providing necessary support to the tendons in one’s arm.

Taken together, the Ab Strap and Wrist Supports represent two smart purchases that will stick with an individual for years of heavy use. Schiek has created some great products, and along with proper supplementation, their gear will ensure proper health and fitness.

Rating: 9.5/10

Schiek Ab Strap (1400) || Wrist Supports (1100-WS) /

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