All Pro Science Complete Relief (Pain Relief)

Working out hurts. Practically anyone that has so much has picked up a weight or has ever gotten onto an elliptical can tell you that. The products that are readily available at Target and Wal-Mart simply do not have the power needed to get to deep muscle pains. All Pro Science has released a product in their Complete Relief that goes on easy and works to cool and calm any sort of muscle injury incurred during a workout. The product is head and shoulders quality-wise over tubs of Vicks and the like as it has a rolling applicator. This applicator provides a proper coating, while ensuring a longer life for the product.

For those individuals that are concerned about the composition of the products that they use, All Pro Science has created in Complete Relief a product that is completely natural. Menthol provides the cooling sensation, and it is further aided through the inclusion of Panax Ginseng and Vitamin B-5. This blend of elements ensures better blood flow to the muscle, which invigorates as well as decreases the overall amount of pain present.

The $12.99 price point may be a hair higher than similar products, but the applicator’s design and the strength of the product is enough to make it a better deal. The 2oz bottle makes it a must-have for any gym bag, purse, or car’s glove compartment. This product should also be seen as a must buy if one is looking to increase the intensity or frequency of their workout. Look to this product if you would like to decrease muscle pain without the intense smell or mess incurred whenever one uses other similar products on the market.

Rating: 8.2/10

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