Child of Eden (Xbox 360)

I personally like the fact that games are currently being shipped for the Xbox 360 can use the Kinect sensor, but do not require them. Child of Eden, a new title by Ubisoft, will be enjoyed better if one has a Kinect sensor but will allow those without the Kinect to play.

Child of Eden is a shooter title that links together the gameplay with music and visuals, to make for something that is experienced just as much as it is played. Players are saddled with the objective of saving Project Lumi, which is attempting to make a personality into the entirety of human experience. When a virus looks to destroy all the work that has been done, players are given the opportunity to destroy all invaders.

The control scheme of Child of Eden is very intuitive, and will have players of all ages able to complete a good chunk of the title. I personally believe that these controls (coupled with the body movements required with the Kinect side of the title) are some major part of the most fun that I have had with a shooter in this current generation of consoles.

Child of Eden’s music is perhaps the most interesting inclusion in the title. The soundtrack is not traditional; rather than having different compositions presented with different parts of the game, the music (laid down by The Genki Rockets) builds off of the work that one does with the game. The brilliant graphics and fun controls of Child of Eden make this a video game that should be bought for anyone that is a fan of the genre or of good games generally.

Rating: 9.4/10

Child of Eden (Xbox 360) / 2011 Ubisoft /

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