James River Plantation Sweet Tea Vodka

Sweet Tea Vodka is something that can be done well or poorly. It depends not only on the type of alcohol that is used (grain or actual vodka) but the tea base that is adopted. James River Plantation Sweet Tea Vodka is one of the few alcohol-infused sweet teas that are currently on the market that can be said to succeed. By including vodka that has been distilled five times, James River Plantation Sweet Tea Vodka has a crispness to it that blends well with the sugary sweetness of the tea.

The lower alcohol content of the James River Plantation Sweet Tea Vodka will make this eminently sippable on the rocks, but I believe that the spirit can be enjoyed in a few other ways. I would say to replace the vodka component of a Long Island Iced Tea with the James River for a bold new drink, or even to add V8 to an equal part of the Sweet Tea Vodka. With enough of a distinct flavor to still be present in these drinks, I feel that one will not likely get tired of this spirit.

If you like your Sweet Tea to have a little bit of a kick, search out the James River Plantation Sweet Tea Vodka. It will set you back about $12 for a 750ml bottle, which is a small price to pay for a good way to enjoy the warmth of the middle part of summer. Here’s to hoping that A.Hardy creates a few other formulations of the Sweet Tea Vodka; I know that I would like to see what they do with a black or a white tea, or if they would add fruit flavors (pomegranate or plum, namely) to the Sweet Tea mix. Regardless, I will be sipping this until the first leaves start falling off of the tree.

Rating: 8.0/10

James River Plantation Sweet Tea Vodka / http://www.ahardyusa.com

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