Natrol DHEA (120 Capsules)

DHEA is one of those supplements that I must admit that I was not too familiar with when we first received product for review. We had heard a lot about it, but nothing about what it was supposed to do. However, we can speak from experience now that it works, and in particular, it affects a number of different parts of an individual.

Specifically, DHEA effects how an individual deals with depression along with how keen an person’s memory is. Supplementation with DHEA is good for anyone no matter the age; the potential to keep Alzheimer’s away is a significant enough reason for me. However, for those that point out that extant literature has not shown a conclusive link, supplementation with DHEA has a number of other benefits. DHEA is an element that is simply not present in one a day vitamins or a great many other supplements, so purchasing a bottle of the steroid is of key importance.

Furthermore, the quality of the DHEA should always be considered. There are a great number of different supplement companies on the market, but for my money, I have to point towards the Natrol version of DHEA. With a $12 price tag for 300 pills, there is absolutely no reason that individuals that wish to treat depression or memory loss should not see what the supplement will do. We will update the DHEA review after further supplementation; long-term effects of the supplement should be just as positive as the initial gains that we have seen from the product.

Rating: 7.4/10

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