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With the sheer amount of different sleep aids on the market, it becomes hard to find the best one. Where natural sleep aids typically collect the same types of herbs, they do bundle them differently and in different amounts. The efficacy of these different supplements does vary, despite each of the herbs that they contain having some noticeable effect on ensuring that individuals go to sleep. Of these different sleep aids, I feel that Schiff Sweet Slumber may just be the best.

Sweet Slumber contains five different elements that allow individuals to gradually go to sleep, rather than being forced through the chemical interactions that would be present. This list of compounds includes melatonin, theanine, GABA, valerian, chamomile, and Vitamin B6. Of these different pieces, I believe that melatonin is the most important. This is because a body’s possible melatonin creation decreases as one gets older, ensuring that there are more in the way of sleepless nights. Theanine is taken from green tea, and actually decreases the types of stress that play in keeping individuals up, while both valerian and chamomile allow minds to stop racing.

Another important side to Sweet Slumber is the presence of Vitamin B6. Having this bundled in the package allows for greater creation of melatonin and GABA. With these distinct elements present, Schiff ensures that an individual will get the amount of sleep that they need. There may be a lot of distinct supplements dealing with sleep currently on the market, but Schiff’s Sweet Slumber is something that anyone that has ever had insomnia should stock in their medicine cabinet. Pick it up at your local drug store today, or find it at a whole slew of different online shops.

Rating: 8.8/10

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