Up Your Gas (Energy)

There are just so many different energy supplements that are currently on the market that it becomes difficult to figure out how they differ, both in terms of composition and quality. While the caffeine side of things feels pretty standard, there are literally hundreds of different compounds that can increase the amount of energy that an individual has. Up Your Gas may just have the most comprehensive amount of these compounds of any energy pill that I have had the chance to review, and I believe that the interplay between all of these different elements makes Up Your Gas into one of the best energy supplements that I have taken.

Up Your Gas is able to provide a tremendous amount of energy because of what it contains; there are a number of traditional energy boosters like guarana, ginseng, and Green tea extract. However, the presence of more esoteric materials like black pepper extract, royal jelly, and kola nut break Up Your Gas out from the rest of the pack. By just taking one tablet of Up Your Gas, the amount of energy that you will have is considerable. More importantly, the energy in Up Your Gas does not provide the same sort of jitters that traditional caffeine pills do. The energy present in Up Your Gas is one that will fuel an individual on over the course of a day without fluctuating or otherwise interrupting a workout or other important activity.

It is this reason, plus the long-lasting effect of the supplement, that makes me such an ardent supporter. If you would like to find a new supplement that gives you energy, does not provide you with a crash, and will be light on your wallet, buy a bottle (or three) of Up Your Gas.

Rating: 9.2/10

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