You Won’t Miss Me (DVD)

This film is interesting. This is due to the fact that the drama created by Stella Schnabel speaks to the human condition and does not attempt to glamorize human interactions in any way. By doing this, ey comes forth with a film that looks at the human condition – everyone, no matter where they live or whom they identify with – will be able to feel what is happening to eir character.

While the film is set in New York City, this everyperson character showcases the tedium and mind-numbing banality that typically awaits the average person on a daily basis. While there seems to be some goal for the character at the end of the film (making it to a concert), You Won’t Miss Me does not create any illusions that would not otherwise be present in real life. This film may not be funny in a traditional way, but I feel that it acts as more of a blueprint for later works than anything.

By allowing cinema to take such a realistic bent, further explorations into the psyche of all involved can then be present. You Won’t Miss Me is a film that should not be missed for any student of film. Where the action is a little on the slow side, life is the same way. Factory 25 is releasing this film precisely for this reason – it preserves what is a revolutionary film for generations to follow. If this sounds interesting to you, check out the film and see what Schnabel and director Ry Russo-Young are looking to do in the next few years. Here’s to hoping that it provides the same shattering of the status quo that You Won’t Miss Me does.

Rating: 7.1/10

You Won’t Miss Me (DVD) / 2011 Factory 25 /

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