DOCTARYN Interview

What brought you into creating music?

My music creates itself. It is as natural for me as breathing. I’ve done it since I was a small child and it is how I deal with the world. Hardest thing for me is to NOT write or create and do the more mundane things in life.

Whom would you say are your biggest influences, both in terms of your life and your musical career? My biggest influences are those artists who have changed music history in some way IE Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Patti Smith, Nirvana, acts like these influence us all both in life and music since they have such a huge impact on our culture. Coldplay and Radiohead have had a big influence on me as well.

Which tracks are your favorites on “Conundrum”, and how do you feel they interact with your past, present, and future in the music industry?

Conundrum is a starting point for me, my background is instrumental music. I have written my next two albums and like any skill it only gets better with a little experience!…all the tracks are favorites since I have lived them…kind of like my children and parents try not to have favorites but “All is Gone” is such a cool track

What is your dream collaboration with artists, either past or present?

I think the 70’s have so much to offer musically that any great 70’s act would be a dream come true! But I’d be honored to work with so many great artists out there!

Which sources in your life inspire you? What is the process that you take moving from idea to draft to finished song?

I am inspired by my problems, my own self and attempts to resolve them and release emotion musically. Typically, I am experiencing something highly emotive, write the music and then hum along when I finish the arrangement until words form and then I refine it from there. When I am composing instrumental scores, I am often inspired by nature and metaphysical thoughts.

Have you encountered any difficulties establishing yourself as an artist?

What advice would you have for up and coming musicians?

No, Not really I AM an artist and everyone seems to get that from “hello”. My biggest issue, in terms of getting out there, has been stage fright, AND it was of biblical proportions so it’s taken awhile…I think we all stand in our own way to some extent and to move forward an artist must have unwavering faith both in yourself and in your art.

Do you have any upcoming tourdates or other installations?

I’ll start recording my next two albums next month. We released Conundrum August 10th, and will start Chicago shows promoting the release in September. Several have been booked in the past two days. I have also signed up with Sheeba Entertainment for more national opportunities

Are there any other factoids or bits of information about you that NeuFutur readers should know about?

I am Brand NEW so any honest feedback at this point is very much appreciated.
How would interested individuals be able to check out your music? I have a presence on all the social networks as well as my own website at: http://www.DOCTARYN.Com Here are some other links:!/pages/DocTarynBackstage/112834425445878

Finally, do you have any other thoughts?

Truly appreciate your time and effort in supporting my work. Thank you Neufutur. Awesome magazine!

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