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Harbinger Neoprene Ankle Cuff / http://www.harbingerfitness.com
A great many gyms offer cuffs and other workout gear for use, but a number of these cuffs, grips, and the like get beaten down through daily use. One also has to worry about getting skin conditions and other concerns when they use gym gear, but this is why companies like Harbinger exist. By creating a solid ankle cuff for a cheap price (one can typically find it for a hair under $10), Harbinger has made it easy for individuals concerned about their fitness to build their muscles without risking infection; this neoprene ankle cuff is a great buy.
This is due to the fact that it immediately provides comfort with whichever exercise one wishes to undertake. Rather than being constructed of a rough fabric, the neoprene is able to clench onto the ankle without starting welts or inflaming the skin. The Velcro side of the ankle cuff allows a wide array of different sizes to be achieved, which will allow a number of individuals to use the cuff or for an individual to gradually gain muscle size and strength without having to purchase another cuff. The D-ring at the end of the ankle cuff makes attachment to other machines easy – the larger size of this ring makes popping it onto cable machines a cinch.
With extreme value provided, there is little reason that individuals that are concerned about their fitness should not search out their own Harbinger ankle cuff and pack it around in their gym bag. The product will last for years and is easy to clean, while being distinct enough that one should not lose it. Check out the linked sites for the wider array of products that the company provides – they most likely have whatever you may need.
Rating: 9.0/10

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