Vapir NO2 (Vaporizer)

I love herbal therapy and have been huge fan of combustion for years. Sometimes nothing can compare to a tightly rolled Dutch Master. I’ve tried many brands of vaporizers several times, but had not been sold on vaporization until I tried the Vapir NO2. When I use combustion methods such as pipes and cigars I enjoy the thick billowy smoke. Most times vaporizers cannot provide the full experience of combustion but the NO2 really showed me otherwise. The vapor (or Vapir ) is perfect, moist and soothing yet you still feel like you are “smoking”. The device can be used for a variety of herbs, our favorites being catnip and lavender. The booklet included stated that you should use the device around 375 to 385 degrees but I found it may work better for some herbs at around 390 degrees.

Another benefit is that the mouthpiece has a screen built in (that can be changed) this helps keep your herbs in the receptacle rather than on your teeth and mouth. I can totally back this little invention. It’s easy to use and load making it an essential to those who practice aromatherapy.

Check out Vapir’s site for current sales involving the NO2 – as of today (late July, 2011), they provide purchasers with free shipping and a 4 piece aluminum grinder. The bundle in which the Vapir NO2 comes provides buyers with everything that they could need – there is a tube and filter system to ensure a clean vaporization session for all, while the wire cleaning brush will keep things fresh and immaculate for years to come. At the price (well under $200), it should be seen as the best value out of the current generation of vaporizers.

Rating: 9.5/10

Vapir NO2 (Vaporizer) /

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