360 Concord Grape Vodka

360 Concord Grape Vodka is one of the first vodkas that we have received that looks to go beyond a simple grape designation and move into specific varietals of the fruit. What results in the 360 Concord Grape Vodka is something that is fresh and interesting tasting, all while providing imbibers with the same high quality that has been present in all 360 Vodka efforts.

The spirit has a solid enough alcohol percentage (35%) that individuals can use the offering as a shot or in a bomb format. If one likes different blends of juices, I would even suggest putting the vodka in with orange juice, to make a delightfully wicked screwdriver. With a price point of about $20, there is little reason that individuals that find themselves fans of vodka and of grape should not get a bottle to test.

I believe that 360 has their fundamentals down; where they come out with a number of interesting offerings like Cola and Chocolate vodkas, they can come forward with one of the best grape vodkas that we have ever had the chance to taste. Whenever you have a party or are just at the liquor store, make it a point to plonk down a $20 and see exactly what it is that I am talking about. With a nuanced taste profile and just the perfect amount of burn, 360 Concord Grape Vodka is one of the top on the heap.

Rating: 8.4/10

360 Concord Grape Vodka / 70 Proof / http://www.vodka360.com

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