Intermediate Accounting (Textbook)

This massive tome will provide students of accounting with all the information that they need before moving on to higher levels. Kieso does a tremendous job in keeping language functional but pegs it at a level that second and third-year accounting students can appreciate. The pacing of the title is similarly smart, with a linear path taken that will ensure that students are familiar with one concept before asking that they familiarize themselves with another.

While the final chapters of Intermediate Accounting seem to be a little more theoretical than practical, the skills taught here by Kieso will be easy adapted to anyone that wishes to continue with accounting (to either graduate school or to a position in the workforce). The 14th edition of Intermediate Accounting adds and otherwise modifies the text to properly capture the changes in the field; the work that Kieso does in showcasing the nuances of the GAAP environment will ensure that readers do not have a dated view of the movement.

While the book is oriented towards successfully completing the CPA exam, I feel that there is a wider applicability to Intermediate Accounting that will allow greater understandings in similar fields. By exploring the different ethical dilemmas that are present to states and to international actors alike, Kieso ensures that readers can understand the unintended consequences of their actions. The interconnectedness of the global system ensures that one action taken will likely change the whole of a society; a student will likely become an actor in the system soon after. By keeping up to date and showing the importance of ethics, Kieso has made a title in Intermediate Accounting that all in the field should freshen up with. The price comes in about $185.

Rating: 9.4/10

Intermediate Accounting (Textbook) / Donald E. Kieso / Wiley / 1640 Pages /

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