Just as a warning; we were unable to test Muscle Gauge Nutrition’s NO2XL as vigorously as we have other products in the health and fitness section. Saying that, I believe that we capture the product’s essence and can provide benefit to our readers.

NO2XL is a product that will get individuals amped up and ready to take on whatever they need during their workout. The product blends together A-AKG, GKG, OKG, and A-KIC to provide a kick, while the lemonade flavor of the product hides any sort of off-putting taste that may be present. This means that individuals can quickly gain the benefit of the product, as the NO2XL translates into longer and heavier sets, along with increasing one’s blood flow. As the NO2XL does not contain caffeine, geranamine, or other traditional pre-workout stimulants, one will not experience the same type of crash that is typically present in a pre-workout.

I believe that the NO2XL has a tremendous amount of potential as a supplement, and one would do well to purchase a sample of it to determine whether it can be added to one’s arsenal. For the workout that I did while on NO2XL, I felt that I was able to move 5-10 pounds up on a number of different arm exercises, while still failing out at about the 10 to 12 rep mark. If the product can continue to deliver this type of aid, I believe that it should take precedence over other pre-workouts. Check out MGN’s link and see their takes on a number of different supplements – they offer creatine, growth powders, energy supps, and even maltodextrin and a number of proteins. When you begin to run out of your pre-workout, take a long look at Muscle Gauge Nutrition’s NO2XL. I believe that it will benefit you considerably.

Rating: 8.0/10

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