Pinnacle Gummy (70 Proof)

I believe that this is the first time that we have had a gummy-flavored vodka drop in for review at NeuFutur. For those individuals that normally familiarize themselves with lower-proof offerings, be careful – this Pinnacle product (and all their flavored versions) clocks in at 70 proof. Pinnacle Gummy is able to create a very natural type of flavor that allows the grain flavor of the vodka to still be present.

Whilre this flavor is moderated, I cannot express how happy I am that the gummy flavor does not overwhelm. Rather, I felt that the Pinnacle Gummy Vodka came with a flavor profile much more in line with Swedish Fish than anything. Saying that, there are hints of different fruit flavors present, with cherry, berry, and grape notes all coming through at different points. I believe that this vodka works best in a bomb (Red Bull and Gummy, for example) format, but I personally like to cut down the Red Bull content by about a half.

This is because Pinnacle’s flavor is something that I would actually prefer to experience, rather than avoid. Where many flavored vodkas come through with an abysmal taste, the Pinnacle Gummy Vodka is one of the few that we have genuinely liked this year. I personally love the desire of Pinnacle to create some of the oddest vodka flavors and their ability to always make them work. Pick up a bottle or two of Pinnacle’s offerings the next time that you stop by a liquor store. I believe that you will have some of the most (or least) memorable times that you have ever have with vodka. Hangovers are a much less likely occurrence here, as well – Pinnacle keeps things clean and neat.

Rating: 8.3/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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One thought on “Pinnacle Gummy (70 Proof)”

  1. Tried the Gummy vodka this weekend, it is spot on! Mixed with soda water and lemon lime soda & garnished with red Swedish Fish. It was a hit! Will be taking a bottle on our family camping trip this coming weekend to share with my sisters!

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