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We have never had the chance up to this point to provide coverage of a product like Twinlab’s Electrolyte Fuel. We have covered pre and post workout powders and enough pills to sink a ship, but the revolutionary thing about the Electrolyte Fuel is its ease of use. In a convenient spray format, the Electrolyte Fuel will allow those working out the additional energy they need to properly finish their sets.

With a fruity flavor and a price that will not break the bank (a hair under $10), anyone that finds themselves hitting a wall during their normal workout would do well to search out a bottle of this stuff. A dosing of the Electrolyte Fuel is equivalent in terms of the electrolytes that one receives from an entire bottle of a sports beverage, without having the additional liquid or sugars that is traditionally encountered with them. For those that have a dietary restriction, the formulation of the Electrolyte Fuel is vegetarian-safe, and in terms of the package design, the cap that is present on the top ensures that the Electrolyte Fuel will not spill in a workout bag no matter how hard one jostles or jiggles it.

So, if you feel that you are working at an electrolyte deficiency (and who honestly isn’t after a hard workout), make sure to purchase a bottle of the Twinlab Electrolyte Fuel. I would like to see the company release some other flavors in the months to come, but the product itself is something that I would strongly recommend for anyone that wishes to push their workout to the next level.

Rating: 8.4/10

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