UV Cake Vodka

The sheer amount of different vodkas that are on the market will boggle one’s mind. However, many of these just taste as if someone put some artificial flavoring into grain alcohol. Out of all of the companies that do flavored vodkas, it seems as if UV is one of the few that continually puts effort into their product. Their newest product, their UV Cake Vodka, is a perfect example of this. While the testers at NeuFutur Headquarters felt that this just would be another vanilla-flavored vodka, the UV Cake Vodka actually does take like one is drinking a white cake.

The calorie content of this vodka is low – 110 calories – while each shot only has 9 carbs. UV has placed online a number of different drink recipes for individuals, but the smoothness of this vodka is enough that most individuals will just be shooting it down.
However, the pineapple upside down cake recipe – 1 part UV cake to 2 parts pineapple juice – is something that individuals just need to try to see. UV is one of the few companies that can do flavored vodkas right, and we cannot wait to see exactly where they are going to go with their next few releases. The price of each of these vodkas is sufficiently small that anyone that is interested in the least should go to their local liquor store and check it out. The UV Cake Vodka is perhaps the best spirit that we have had the chance to taste this year, and it should be high up on your list of spirits to check out if you are a fan of either vodka or of cake in general.

Rating: 9.2/10

UV Cake Vodka / Vodka / http://www.uvvodka.com

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