1001 Touch Games (Nintendo DS)

1001 Touch Games is the perfect time waster. The title has (as one can guess) over 1000 levels of a variety of different titles which will get one’s digits going. The titles themselves do not use bleeding-edge graphics, but are a fun type of casual game that players of all ages can appreciate. The different genres of games here are substantial – along with hidden object searches, one can play mahjongg, matching titles, and a wide array of sports-based games. The title is priced cheaply (a hair under $20), ensuring that this can become a stocking stuffer for any DS owners this holiday season.

The beauty about 1001 Touch Games has to be the array of different titles here – one can seriously spend days of playtime on the title without experiencing everything that the title has to offer. I would like to see further games in this franchise – perhaps a 1001 Word Games or 1001 Sports Games to be released on a regular basis. If Maximum Family Games can do that, I have no doubt on my mind that they will have copies of their games flying off of the shelves. Make sure to give this game some love, especially if you have a job that lets you play the DS or have a doctor’s appointment or other function that requires large amounts of time to be wasted. Simply fantastic.

Rating: 8.3/10

1001 Touch Games (Nintendo DS) / 2011 Maximum Family Games /

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