Avalanche Ale (5.41% ABV)

There are a number of problems that I have noticed with the different Amber Ales that are on the market. If they are something like Killian’s, they may have a decent flavor but possess no (or incredibly little of a) bite. However, those that are a little too happy when it comes to including hops may make something that is much too bitter to properly appreciate. Breckenridge’s Avalanche Ale is able to come forth with a great blend of bitter and sweet, making for a solid beer that one can put away.

The Avalanche Ale is a perfect palette cleanser, as the somewhat sharp hop side will wash away any beef or pork; it’s eclectic flavor allows it to also be paired nicely with chicken or fish. The hop bite present in Avalanche Ale is fairly assertive but does not tend to stick around. Each subsequent sip with re-introduce imbibers to this nuanced flavor, which links citrus, grain and woodsy elements together.

Keep an eye on Breckenridge in the months to come – they have some interesting efforts that either have or will be hitting storefronts. Any fan of Amber Ales should search out Avalanche Ale; the unique qualities of this beer should make it a mainstay in a refrigerator.

Rating: 8.5/10

Avalanche Ale (5.41% ABV) / Breckenridge Brewery / http://www.breckbrew.com/

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