Body Octane Game Day (Pre-workout)

I have been working out seriously over the course of the last fourteen months, and I have shed about 95 pounds and have packed on a decent amount of muscle. However, I found myself hitting a pretty serious plateau towards the end of my last pre-workout drink. We received the Body Octane Game Day a few days back and have begun to use it as our primary pre-workout. The product’s formulation was enough to break me free of this plateau – caffeine, Yohimbe, and a whole host of other chemicals unite to provide individuals with massive amounts of energy without the jitteriness that is present in other similar products.

When entering into a weight-training day, I was able to add about 5-10 pounds on a number of exercises. This was particularly noticeable on arms day, where I was able to complete press sets that I would normally fail out on. In regards to cardio days, I feel that the Body Octane Game Day works admirably. The increased energy that is provided by the Body Octane Game Day can add a few minutes to one’s time on the elliptical, in jogs around the neighborhood, and even in team sports. I would like to see MAN Sports add a few flavors to the Body Octane Game Day line – the Lemon-Lime Chiller will be easy to chug down, but I feel that variety is good. If all of MAN’s products are at the same level as the Game Day pre-workout, I would have to put my strongest recommendation on their line.

Until then, I know that this pre-workout provides me with the energy I need to begin and end strong, no matter which exercises that I may throw at it.

Rating: 9.1/10

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