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The general premise of a cooler uses technology that is fairly low-key. Just ensure that there is a good enough seal along with proper insulation and whatever food or drinks that one may have will stay warm for a length of time. However, Coleman has created their Xtreme 5 Cooler, a product that looks to improve upon previous efforts in the cooler field. They tout that ice will remain in the cooler for five days with near 100-degree temperature.

While it is a little cold in Northeast Ohio to attempt this test, we were able to go o n a trip and see exactly how meats and drinks fared. I am pleased to report that the Coleman Xtreme 5 was able to succeed in regards to anything that we could throw at it. The temperature that it achieved just with a bag of ice was sufficiently cold that it froze a bottle of water that was at room temperature. If one wants to go on a day’s worth of shopping and purchases their meats and other perishable groceries first, there is no reason why one should be scared for their safety. Rather, given a proper amount of ice, meat, vegetables – anything that needs to be refrigerated, really – there is no sense that they will get to a temperature that even begins to approach 40 degrees.

The rugged design of the Xtreme 5 is enough that one could have it rattling around their truck bed or trunk without any scratches or inopportune openings. The next time that you need a cooler, make it a point to search out Coleman’s Xtreme 5 Cooler line – they are marked at a price that anyone could swing, and are made so one will only need to purchase a new one if they lose the first one.

Rating: 9.6/10

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